Use the calculator at the bottom of this page to determine what percentage you should have in U.S. Large Cap funds, U.S. mid/small cap funds, International funds, and Bond Funds. This calculator is intended to be used as a guide and should not be considered financial advice.

The design of this calculator is to create a roll-down strategy for you, meaning as you get closer to retirement you should become more conservative. Regardless of your risk tolerance, you should always become more conservative with your investments as you get closer to retirement.

This chart shows how investment portfolios with differing levels of risk performed from 1991-2011. As you can see, the more risk you take, the wider the fluctuation in your investment value. But over the long term, higher risk yields higher return.

Use the following key to determine your risk tolerance (based on a 1-4 scale).

1: Protecting the value of your investments is more important than growth.

2: Growth and protection of your investment value are of equal importance.

3: Growth is more important than protecting the value of your investments.

4: You are solely looking for growth in your investments and not concerned about fluctuations in value.

ENTER AGE AND RISK TOLERANCE (Based on 1-4 scale detailed above). THEN CLICK CALCULATE.